Nobody’s that busy

Well, let’s try this again.

Homeschooling has kicked my ass. Sincerely. It feels like all I do is work and care for kids. No time for myself where I’m not exhausted. But it’s worth it. I think.

The first several months were a challenge. Getting everyone’s cooperation (no, she can’t hang out at Grandma’s today, she has to do her schoolwork!), getting everyone up in the morning, having all the materials ready, etc. Finding something to do with the little one that didn’t leave her feeling left out, but didn’t distract from what I was doing with the big sister. But the kid isĀ happy. She wasn’t happy before. She was tired and frustrated and miserable. She didn’t want to read or write or do anything that was even remotely educational. Now you can barely tear a book out of her hand and she’s begging to go to the historical museum again.

I don’t know how long we’ll do this, but right now it’s the right thing to do.