Fingers Crossed

It’s kind of amazing how time fills up, like empty closets. You know, how people manage to expand and fill the space they have in a home. My time fills up like that. I think I have a few days off and start thinking how I can run all my errands in half a day and have the rest of the time for schooling and fun stuff. Yet by the time those few days are over I have spend them doing anything and everything except the things I had intended on doing.

This week is shaping up to be no different. Tomorrow was supposed to be take YD to school, go vote, do some schoolwork with ED, pick up YD, work two hours, and then do home chores. Then the next two days were kind of free, except for a brief well-child doctor visit.

No such luck. The car needs to go into the garage (really, both do, but one especially). I have to spend  time at the DMV sorting out some things for my father, who recently lost his driving privileges after having a stroke. I have to drop off money to the GS Troop cookie mom. I have a minimum of three longish phone calls to make with insurance companies and a call to a lawyer. I have to arrange some other paperwork/financial stuff for my dad, as well as run to the store for him. I have to do a bigger houseclean than I expected because we’re having company next week. And ED is starting to feel flu-ish. There’s stuff I am forgetting, I know. But you get the gist.

I have to work harder at putting ED’s schooling first. None of these things are as important, with the exception of the car, maybe, because it’s necessary for my husband’s work. So I am promising myself that until she’s done an two hours of work in a day, no errands. Which will make my life harder, but oh well.


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