So today was not a traditional school day. Today was the day that ED began to sell Girl Scout cookies.

ED joined Brownie Scouts last year midway through, so she wasn’t around for the sale and this was her first attempt. It went pretty well. The people that were home (there were a very odd number of people obviously not home for a Sunday afternoon) were generally friendly and willing to buy at least one box. She was wonderful, too: She wasn’t shy, she said everything she was supposed to say, and she always remembered to say “Thank you for supporting Girl Scouts!”. She really got into it as we went on. Next round, I am going to work with her on making change.

She learned that she could talk to a stranger, she learned how to make and close a sale, and we also spent some time learning a little more about Scouts and the cookie sales and how Girl Scouts are different than Boy Scouts and why that should make her proud. So, a good day.

Tomorrow’s plan: It is a work day for me, so she will be doing her Time4Learning math. It will work out with what we are doing for Oak Meadow – addition and subtraction of larger numbers.


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