Hello there!

I am starting this blog mostly as a place to unload my brain. I don’t seem to have a lot of space there anymore.

I have two children, Elder Daughter and Younger Daughter. ED is finishing up first grade, and YD is finishing her second year of part-time preschool.

For many reasons, my husband and I are planning on homeschooling both girls next year. Well, we are almost decided. Truthfully, I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around it. I keep wondering if all my reasons are really rationalizations for my desire to keep them at home and under my control as long as I can. There are other, practical reasons to send them to school too. I hope to use this blog as a place to talk about them, and work them out. Maybe someone will eventually read this, maybe not. I just know that, as cheesy as it sounds, if we go through with this,  it will be an adventure.

Oh, and we’re secular. Really, sincerely. We are not doing this for religious reasons, and we will not use religious materials to teach school subjects.


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