Fingers Crossed

It’s kind of amazing how time fills up, like empty closets. You know, how people manage to expand and fill the space they have in a home. My time fills up like that. I think I have a few days off and start thinking how I can run all my errands in half a day and have the rest of the time for schooling and fun stuff. Yet by the time those few days are over I have spend them doing anything and everything except the things I had intended on doing.

This week is shaping up to be no different. Tomorrow was supposed to be take YD to school, go vote, do some schoolwork with ED, pick up YD, work two hours, and then do home chores. Then the next two days were kind of free, except for a brief well-child doctor visit.

No such luck. The car needs to go into the garage (really, both do, but one especially). I have to spend  time at the DMV sorting out some things for my father, who recently lost his driving privileges after having a stroke. I have to drop off money to the GS Troop cookie mom. I have a minimum of three longish phone calls to make with insurance companies and a call to a lawyer. I have to arrange some other paperwork/financial stuff for my dad, as well as run to the store for him. I have to do a bigger houseclean than I expected because we’re having company next week. And ED is starting to feel flu-ish. There’s stuff I am forgetting, I know. But you get the gist.

I have to work harder at putting ED’s schooling first. None of these things are as important, with the exception of the car, maybe, because it’s necessary for my husband’s work. So I am promising myself that until she’s done an two hours of work in a day, no errands. Which will make my life harder, but oh well.



So today was not a traditional school day. Today was the day that ED began to sell Girl Scout cookies.

ED joined Brownie Scouts last year midway through, so she wasn’t around for the sale and this was her first attempt. It went pretty well. The people that were home (there were a very odd number of people obviously not home for a Sunday afternoon) were generally friendly and willing to buy at least one box. She was wonderful, too: She wasn’t shy, she said everything she was supposed to say, and she always remembered to say “Thank you for supporting Girl Scouts!”. She really got into it as we went on. Next round, I am going to work with her on making change.

She learned that she could talk to a stranger, she learned how to make and close a sale, and we also spent some time learning a little more about Scouts and the cookie sales and how Girl Scouts are different than Boy Scouts and why that should make her proud. So, a good day.

Tomorrow’s plan: It is a work day for me, so she will be doing her Time4Learning math. It will work out with what we are doing for Oak Meadow – addition and subtraction of larger numbers.

So Behind

I’m using the Oak Meadow Third Grade syllabus. It’s really perfect for my kid, but there’s one problem for us – it is very hands on. Our lives for the last few months have been kind of crazy, and I just haven’t been able to do it. It’s more advanced, math-wise, than what we were doing at the end of last year, and I have to take extra time to catch her up. I just haven’t been doing it. 

It’s not that she isn’t learning, She loves history and is devouring anything she can about American history. She’s reading, she’s watching nature shows, she’s still in choir and is learning more about music than I ever got during weekly piano lessons. But she can’t write, she struggles with understanding math, and she resists chapter books that don’t have pictures. 

She’s a bright girl, and deserves better than what I’ve been giving her. 


I am failing terribly. I didn’t post last night, though it was kind of out of my control as my internet went down. But more importantly, I am failing my kid. I have let her schooling drop down on the priorities list.

I cannot let this happen. She is too important. Other people in my family need to step up. My husband needs to assist me when he’s home. Her grandmothers need to respect the time and effort involved and stop trying to pull her away “just today”. Mostly, though, I need to get my act together and do it.

So I’ll be back later with lessons planned.

Not Busy, Exactly…

Well, busy, yes. Doing a poor job updating this. But will try again. It used to be that writing focused my brain, and my brain needs more focus, so hopefully it won’t just be an exercise that keeps me up past my bedtime.

Nobody’s that busy

Well, let’s try this again.

Homeschooling has kicked my ass. Sincerely. It feels like all I do is work and care for kids. No time for myself where I’m not exhausted. But it’s worth it. I think.

The first several months were a challenge. Getting everyone’s cooperation (no, she can’t hang out at Grandma’s today, she has to do her schoolwork!), getting everyone up in the morning, having all the materials ready, etc. Finding something to do with the little one that didn’t leave her feeling left out, but didn’t distract from what I was doing with the big sister. But the kid is happy. She wasn’t happy before. She was tired and frustrated and miserable. She didn’t want to read or write or do anything that was even remotely educational. Now you can barely tear a book out of her hand and she’s begging to go to the historical museum again.

I don’t know how long we’ll do this, but right now it’s the right thing to do.


Hello there!

I am starting this blog mostly as a place to unload my brain. I don’t seem to have a lot of space there anymore.

I have two children, Elder Daughter and Younger Daughter. ED is finishing up first grade, and YD is finishing her second year of part-time preschool.

For many reasons, my husband and I are planning on homeschooling both girls next year. Well, we are almost decided. Truthfully, I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around it. I keep wondering if all my reasons are really rationalizations for my desire to keep them at home and under my control as long as I can. There are other, practical reasons to send them to school too. I hope to use this blog as a place to talk about them, and work them out. Maybe someone will eventually read this, maybe not. I just know that, as cheesy as it sounds, if we go through with this,  it will be an adventure.

Oh, and we’re secular. Really, sincerely. We are not doing this for religious reasons, and we will not use religious materials to teach school subjects.